Debt Consolidation

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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Is a real benefit to reunify debts? It is an alternative that in recent times has given much to talk about, but that can be harmful to certain people.


What debts are the most commonly try to reunify?

  • Mortgage payments
  • Car Loans
  • Other receipts for credit card


This is an outlet for those who have reduced their level of income or who have exhausted the credit margin. It is important to note that although the interest to be paid will be lower, will be supported for much longer. The so-called “brokers” or intermediaries are dedicated to group the debts of a customer in a single mortgage. Thus, those who are immersed in a choking situation ends meet, your monthly expenses are reduced between 30% and 50%.


Credit cards

The rate of interest they generate is very high which means that it is increasingly difficult for customers to deal with these expenses

Eliminating the expenses incurred for credit cards



Although debt is extended for longer, it is an outlet for those with economic problems

Is usually the last option for those who are on the verge of foreclosure, or situation really limit



The short-term commitments are changed and borrowing is much more extensive

Debts such as payment of a vacation or a car for many years end up being paid more logical

Through this facility wasteful consumption and long-term debt is encouraged as many people to see their costs reduced by up to half, again incur expenses

Many of the ads are misleading to attract more customers


Who offer this service

There are middlemen who work independently and make the necessary arrangements with the relevant bank

There are banks that offer this service, although not very frequent, conduct advertising on

financial and credit companies specialized in this topic


Basic Tips

Before hiring any service, it is essential to consider the interest rate, fees, expenses, depreciation and conditions of employment

Before requesting the help of an outsider, you should inquire with different banks and see the conditions offered by each entity. Address each establishment and ask for clear and concrete explanations on the conditions and requirements provided



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